Boobook newsletter is a regular production of the BirdLife Australia Raptor Group. It provides a forum for the discussion of issues relating to birds of prey. Contributions are made by both professionals and amateurs from throughout Australia. The journal is packed with valuable information on raptors covering a wide range of interests including: Reports on the management of raptors, current problems facing raptors, sightings and behavioural observations, and raptor rehabilitation. In addition, the journal contains regular book reviews and a summary of recent Australian raptor publications.

Photo 11-2-19, 9 33 53 pm

Volume 36-7 of Boobook newsletter (January 2019 edition) has been delivered to all paid-up BARG members. This issue features the latest observations of the White-bellied Sea-eagles nesting behaviour on the BirdLife Eagle CAM, notes on the Wedge-tailed Eagle court case in Victoria, a description of Mike Lohr’s research on the impacts of rodenticide poisons to Southern Boobooks and other birds, notes on a Rufous Owl breeding event in Darwin and several interesting raptor field notes. Awesome raptor photos are included. Congratulations and thanks to newsletter editor Stephen Debus and production designer Anita Corbran for putting it together.

To ensure that the newsletter remains a biannual occurrence please share your raptor insights and observations with Stephen Debus and other members of our Executive Committee (Contact page).

You can download previous editions of Boobook by clicking on the link of our BirdLife Australia page.

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