Boobook newsletter is a regular production of the BirdLife Australia Raptor Group. It provides a forum for the discussion of issues relating to birds of prey. Contributions are made by both professionals and amateurs from throughout Australia. The journal is packed with valuable information on raptors covering a wide range of interests including: Reports on the management of raptors, current problems facing raptors, sightings and behavioural observations, and raptor rehabilitation. In addition, the journal contains regular book reviews and a summary of recent Australian raptor publications.

The 2020 edition of Boobook newsletter (Volume 38) has finally reached the mailboxes and inboxes of all paid-up members. There was a significant delay in publishing this edition due to the summer bushfires and Covid-19. Plans are well underway for another edition this year. Thanks to everybody who worked to get this edition out under challenging circumstances.


Boobook 2020 photo

The latest edition features a summary of all the raptor talks that were conducted at the hugely successful Australasian Ornithological Conference that occurred in Darwin in July 2019, as well as the meeting minutes of all BARG members who attended our meeting at the conference. Also included is an EagleCAM update, field notes and observations on the worrying scarcity of raptors in inland Australia due to drought, a field note on a Brown Falcon attacking a Letter-winged Kite, a book review by Jonny Schoenjahn on Birds of Prey in Flight and an obituary to conservationist Tom Clade.

This is the last edition to be edited by one of our organisations most committed and knowledgeable members, Dr Stephen Debus. A massive thank you to Stephen for all the effort he has undertaken to produce so many informative and interesting newsletters. Stephen will thankfully remain involved with BARG and continue to contribute his energies to raptor research and conservation.

Boobook is now in the capable hands of our new editor Keith Fisher. We wish him all the best. Please remember that we rely on input from members to produce a quality newsletter, so please share your raptor observations with Keith and other member of our executive commitee.

You can download previous editions of Boobook by clicking on the link of our BirdLife Australia page.




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