Boobook newsletter 39 (2) hit the inboxes of BirdLife Australia Raptor Group members a little over a week ago. This was a bumper edition featuring an array of interesting research updates and raptor notes, including:

  • The first President’s column from Stuart Rae
  • Area reports from the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory and South Australia
  • A summary of Raptor research grant project recipients in 2021:
    • White-bellied Sea-eagle breeding productivity in the far south coast of New South Wales
    • Aspects of the spatial and reproductive ecology of the Endangered Grey Goshawk in south-east Tasmania
    • Ecology of the Nankeen Kestrel across the urban/rural gradient of South Australia
  • An update on the status of the projects of 2020 research grant recipients:
    • Wedge-tailed Eagle movement and foraging habitats in mid-north South Australia
    • Spatial ecology of the Letter-winged Kite
    • New analysis of previously studied Square-tailed Kite territories in New South Wales
  • A fascinating Q and A between editor Keith Fisher and Simon Cherriman discussing Simon’s research on factors determining Wedge-tailed Eagle breeding productivity in Western Australian landscapes
  • A progress report on the recovery of Osprey in the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia
  • Square-tailed Kite breeding productivity in the Wombat Forest of Victoria
  • Successful installation of a nest-box to facilitate Peregrine Falcon breeding on a window ledge
  • Several fascinating field raptor notes

Screenshot 2022-01-30 221839

Screenshot 2022-01-30 221932

Previous editions of Boobook can be downloaded by clicking on the link of our BirdLife Australia page.

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