Analysis of the Wedge-tailed Eagle population and breeding and foraging habitats in the Mid North of South Australia

A Research Project by Ian Falkenberg


Wedge-tailed Eagle roadkill (4)

One final project has been provided with funding as part of BirdLife Australia’s raptor research grant in 2020. Congratulations to Ian Falkenberg for developing a well-designed study into Wedge-tailed Eagle breeding and movements in mid-north South Australia.  

This project will assess the Wedge-tailed Eagle population within a section of the Mid-North of South Australia with the aim of determining the level of turnover of eagles in windfarm areas. This will involve a behavioural and demographic survey of eagle populations in windfarm areas, and where human persecution has increased the level of threat to eagle populations.

The study will also involve the fitting of GPS Trackers to two Wedge-tailed Eagles following the breeding season, and several young will be colour banded to determine:

  • Productivity and nestling survival.
  • Juvenile movements post fledging and or adult movement outside the breeding season.
  • Determine temporal and spatial patterns of habitat use.

The research grant will help fund the purchase of one Ornitrack 10 Solar Powered GPS GSM/GPRS 3G Tracker to monitor the movement of a Wedge-tailed Eagle.

We wish Ian good luck with his research project and look forward to updates on the progress of his endeavours.  

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