Australasian Ornithological Conference 2022: A call for Raptor Presentations

AOC 2022 Raptor Symposium

Australasian Ornithological Conference

8-10 February 2022, Auckland, New Zealand.

Hosted by the University of Auckland.

The AOC biennial conference is open for registration.

Submissions via the Submission Portal close on 1st October 2021.

With only a little more than a two year gap, which is not bad in the current circumstances, the next biennial AOC is planned for February 2022. And the Birdlife Australia Raptor Group would like to follow up on the last successful raptor symposium at the AOC in Darwin. So, if you would like to catch up on and share the latest information on raptors in Australasia, we would like to see you at another raptor symposium in Auckland. Whether you are an old hand, an established name in the field, or more importantly one of the next generation of raptor ecologists, let’s get together.

We appreciate the short notice, however we know there are plenty researchers who have new information or ideas to share and they could readily put a short abstract together on a current topic. There is no need to put a full talk together immediately, all we ask for at the moment is an expression of interest to give a short talk. If you could reply to BARG, the committee will put a programme together and contact the successful speakers, and they can then submit their abstracts.

Speakers do not need to present full results. Information on latest findings, current problems, new methods, or studies in progress are all useful. There will likely be time for nine or ten speakers, each with a proposed time of about twenty minutes, just about right for clear concise delivery and discussion afterwards.

To all others who might feel they do not have anything to share at the moment, do please consider registering for the conference as this is our main opportunity to meet one another and build a strong raptor group. By mixing in the full conference you will have the chance to learn what other ornithologists are doing, and how you could adapt their methods to improve your own studies. And it is afterwards, after the talks, and in the social mixing time, that much of the best discussion takes place at conferences. You will probably discover that you do have something to share.

BARG Committee

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