BirdLife Australia Raptor Conservation Grant

The Raptor Conservation Grant provides funding for one project per year that focuses on the conservation of Australian raptors including Accipiteridae, Falcons and Owls. Projects can be direct on-ground action or conservation-relevant research. The aim is to advance the conservation of Australian raptors through habitat management, or research which will lead to further knowledge of raptors and aid their conservation via informed land management and environment improvement. This grant has been made possible by a generous supporter of raptor conservation.


The grant is available to NGOs, Indigenous Ranger Groups or Birdlife Branches and affiliates. Individuals such as voluntary raptor researchers, tertiary students, academics or land managers may also apply. We encourage collaborations either with BirdLife programs e.g. the woodland birds program or with third parties. The aims of the funded project need to align with BirdLife Australia’s Bird Conservation Strategy. Specifically, they have to support the recovery of threatened or declining species and the protection of habitat critical to their survival. All projects need to align with BirdLife Australia’s Bird-watching Ethics and our values.

Projects which are or will be linked to any commercial concern will NOT be considered. 

What the Grant provides

There will be one grant valued at $5,000 per annum.

Applications will be assessed by a committee of scientists and conservation practitioners.

Applicants are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits from government authorities, Indigenous communities, ethics committees etc., to undertake the project.

Applications close at 5pm on July 31st 2022 or later by prior agreement.

Assessment Criteria

The merit of applications will be judged on fulfillment of these criteria:

  • The project must be aimed at conservation of Australian raptors, diurnal or nocturnal.
  • Applications must align with BirdLife Australia’s Bird Conservation Strategy
  • The project must have a clear objective and time frame.
  • The likelihood of the project achieving its objective
  • The suitability of the applicant’s skills and knowledge to fulfill the project
  • How the proposed grant would be spent in supporting the project
  • In-kind contributions and collaborations e.g. with BirdLife Australia branches will be viewed favourably

Eligibility Criteria

NB: You must answer ‘yes’ to all of the following questions in order to be eligible to apply:

The project is relevant to the conservation of an Australian raptor or its habitat.

The applicant agrees that details and photographs from the project may be published in print or online by BirdLife Australia and Birdlife Australia Raptor Group pending approval of those contained within. Photographers will be acknowledged.

The applicant agrees to acknowledge the support of the grant and Birdlife Australia in any media resulting from the project.

This research grant is being run separately to the raptor research grant. Prospective applicants are welcome to apply for both grants.

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