Population Ecology and Movements of the Little Eagle

The Little Eagle Research Group

This is an informal collaborative study of the Little Eagle in the Australian Capital Territory and nearby New South Wales, drawing on the members’ knowledge, fieldwork expertise and resources. The team have links to the Research School of Biology of the Australian National University, Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (ACT Government), CSIRO Land and Water, Ginninderry Joint Venture and the University of New England.

The overall aim of the project is to gain a greater understanding of Little Eagle breeding and hunting habitats, including the urban environment, and of the factors influencing local trends in nest site occupancy and breeding success. The work includes identification and long-term monitoring of Little Eagle nest localities and breeding pairs, analysis of the bird’s diet, collecting information on local ranging behaviour and foraging habitat during the breeding season, breeding dispersion and movements in relation to urban features, and following wider movements to and from other parts of Australia with GPS-satellite tracking technology.

The group provides informed advice to conservation, development and planning decision makers to better protect and conserve the Little Eagle population in the ACT and nationally. They invite participation of the community and landholders and work with news media to raise community awareness and public appreciation of the Little Eagle.

Early results have shown that birds that breed in or are reared in the immediate study area range from the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia to Cape York in Queensland, and they hunt in various habitats from tropical savannas to industrial inner Melbourne. Therefore, the team are keen to encourage nationwide interest, involvement and the sharing of information. 

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