Raptor Watch: raptor surveys using BirdLife Australia Birdata

BirdLife Australia Raptor Group encourages all members to undertake systematic bird surveys, and contribute survey information onto the BirdLife Australia Birdata website (https://birdata.birdlife.org.au/).

Information gathered by enthusiastic volunteers and citizen scientists can contribute immensely to knowledge of populations, distributions and trends of Australian raptor species. We  can analyse this information to determine which species are doing fine and which are declining and in need of conservation.

As part of an ongoing raptor monitoring program BirdLife Australia Raptor Group has set up a Birdata account to gather information.  Forms can be emailed to BARG (barg@birdlife.org.au) or you can enter survey data onto the BirdLife Australia Birdta page.

We understand our members will be focusing on raptors, but we encourage the collection of information on all bird species identified during surveys. We also encourage the use of systematic surveys to generate robust data.

You can download a copy of the survey form here:

RaptorWatch Survey Form

If you are looking to become involved in raptor projects you can contact you BARG state representative  (Contact page). Some of the research projects currently being undertaken by BARG members are described on our Research page.

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