Raptor Research Grant 2021

The Raptor Research Grant is open again in 2021

Birdlife Australia Raptor Group is taking applications for grants to assist in the delivery of raptor research projects. This grant is available to professional and amateur researchers alike.

In awarding grants a small panel of the Birdlife Australia Raptor Group (BARG) will assess the merits of the project against a series of criteria.


Minimum criteria for eligibility:

  • The applicant must be a BARG member
  • The applicant’s study must focus on an Australasian raptor
  • The applicant must agree to submit a summary for BARGs use in media
  • The applicant must acknowledge BARG in any media or scientific publications

Research grants will be assessed according to the following criteria:

General Criteria

  1. How well does the proposed project fit BARG’s aim of “promoting the study, conservation and management of diurnal and nocturnal raptors?”

Technical criteria

  1. Does the project have a clear objective?
  2. Does the project have a clear and practical methodology to achieve its objective?
  3. How realistic is the project proposal? E.g. does the candidate (or project partners) have the necessary skills, and can the project be achieved within the proposed timeframe


  1. How much will this grant contribute to the overall project: i.e. is the project big enough to make a meaningful contribution to conservation, while not being so large that BARG funding makes little difference to the outcomes?
  2. How is the grant proposed to be spent? How will this grant contribute to the project?

Proposed hierarchy for assessing which projects to provide funds by topic:

MOST FAVOURED: funded whenever possible

  1. The project proposal clearly articulates how the project outcomes will lead to the improved management of Australasian raptors into the future (e.g. research that’s outcome will be to recommend improved management techniques).
  2. Active management that will directly benefit the conservation of Australasian raptors, but which might only be in the short term
  3. The project aims to educate the public in a way that will improve the conservation of raptors
  4. Theoretical research that will improve our knowledge but does not have any tangible conservation outcome

LEAST FAVOURED: rarely funded (but still eligible and worthy research)


Applications must be typed in the format of a BARG application grant which is available below.

BARG research grant application
BARG research grant application

Applicants should email their signed applications (as attachments) to barg@birdlife.org.au

The deadline for applications in this year is 30 July 2021. All applications will be considered and assessed as soon as is reasonably possible thereafter.

The total values of an annual grant will be in the order of $500 to $2,000, depending on the number of applications, the quality of projects and available funds. This year (2021) will be the second year that BARG is providing a research grant to deliver on our goal of promoting and supporting research on Australian birds of prey.

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